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Children Safety

Childs Safety is one of the most important factor a parent considers while enrolling his/her child in a Pre-School. We at Joy-Ride School for Juniors have created a safe environment for the tiny tots. We understand the fact that we are responsible for your child and thus take a number of steps to ensure their safety. 1. Hire ample, Qualified Staff: We at Joy Ride School hire ample number of qualified staff. Since we are run a Pre-School we only hire female staff to teach the students. 2. Attendants in Van: The school has made arrangements to have an attendant along with the driver for every route the van is covering i.e. Pick Up and Drop Up of the child. 3. CCTV Surveillance: The school is under CCTV surveillance and is being monitored regularly. 4. Security Guard at Main Gate: A security guard is always present at the gate to ensure no child leaves the school premises unattended. He also makes a note of people visiting the school. 5. Ample of Maids: Joy Ride School has hired ample number of maids. Maids regularly clean up the school. 2 Maids are always seated next to staircase to help the child in climbing down the stairs. 6. Staff/ Vendors Documents Maintained: The School maintains all records of anyone associated with the school. 7. Separate Toilet: The school has separate toilet for males, females and the staff. 8. Play area is regularly checked and it is ensured no sharp item is present there. 9. Separate Floor Coordinator: Each floor has a separate coordinator who regularly keeps a check on the activities happening in the classroom. 10. Restriction of Male Staff in Academic: The male staff is not allowed in the academic wing without prior permission. 11. Safety Measures while Dispersal: The child is handed over only to authorized people during dispersal. A separate team is there to look into dispersal. We are open for any kind of suggestions. Do write to us at


School Reopens on 3rd April'17. Timings- 8.45 a.m- 12.15 p.m